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PICK-UP released the album "Реальність"
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PICK-UP release "Goodbye My Fear" on iTunes
PICK-UP Releases "Childhood Lost" & "Bezpritul'nyj Svit"
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Moscow's Beat Devils release "Second Date"

Beat Devils Releases Album “Second Date”   

Video Clip: "Nothing is Changing"

Moscow, Russia. Although Rockabilly is one of the earliest styles of rock 'n roll music which emerged in the early 1950s, more recently it has since revived and begun to gain momentum. Rockabilly has joined the ranks of established musical subcultures in the United States and around the world. You can find it where you sometimes least expect it, for example in Russia where the Beat Devils are making a name for themselves.

GOSPROM Releases "20"

GOSPROM Releases Album “20
Kharkiv, Ukraine. If you're twenty-something, full of enthusiasm, and you enjoy good music, then this is for you. Even if you are older, these youthful rhythms, melodies and composition will rejuvenate you. The Kharkov-based band GOSPROM recently released its amazing album “20.” The title is no coincidence.  The album is full of youthful inspiration as well the irresistible desire to invent a new genre of music.

GOSPROM is the band that combines electronic music, acoustic instruments and jazz improvisation.

Buttya's "Collection of Slavic Dances"

Buttya Releases  “A Collection of Slavic Dances"

Ukraine. Genuine Ukrainian folk music has a rural past. Certainly, there is an eternal value to this heritage. The Ukrainian musical group Buttya believes there is a renewed interest within the urban music stream. The secret of success of Buttya is in the natural beauty of their live acoustic music. And their recent album release "Slavic Dances" generally can be attributed to these splendid rare masterpieces.

This traditional music from Kyiv was launched in 2000 by the Buttya family.

Don Drew's "100 Kilometers Forward"

Don Drew Releases “100 Kilometers Forward”

Kharkiv, Ukraine. To reach the rank of a great rapper requires considerable hard work and time to reach this status. Certainly nowadays there are so many good artists it is very difficult to determine the best. But there are some artists truly worthy of the title "slogger" since big hip-hop releases are not achieved so easily.  They require a great deal of labor. Our Kharkov-based rapper, Don Drew, has never ceased to amaze people by his lyrical blockbusters which like an explosion leave an imprint on the listener.

Yuri Mamchuk releases "The Heart of Ukraine"

Юрій Мамчук Видав Альбом “The Heart Of Ukraine”

"The Heart of Ukraine"(iTunes USA)       

Opera is an art form in which singers and musicians perform a dramatic work. But what if you combine opera-style singing with Ukrainian folk masterpieces to convey the vividness emotionality inherent to Ukrainian folk songs? Opera singer Yuri Mamchuk did it, and put all his heart and soul into it!  This unique collection is called "The Heart of Ukraine".

Dymna Sumish's self-titled album "Dymna Sumish"

Dymna Sumish (iTunes USA)               Video Clip

Dymna Sumish Releases Album “Dymna Sumish”    website

Kyiv, Ukraine, In recent years, few musical bands that are doing both what they want and what they like. Also, not every group is honest with the audience and this has become an unfortunate regularity.  The most accurate explanation of what Dymna Sumish is doing can be called intensive honesty. The band already has a decade of experience and their brilliance is truly heroic.

Dymna Sumish - In The Land of Illusions

Kyiv, Ukraine, If you recall the times of the legendary Beatles when studio recordings were made in four channels without the use of modern technologies to correct errors, you can understand how prepared the musicians had to be to record. The popular alternative rock experimentalists from Ukraine, Dymna Sumish, decided to please listeners with another musical trip.   

Ilisho Groupe releases Diffusio!

Each of us is able to create, and everyone of our creations is unique! This slogan has become one of the principles of experimentation with the Nikolayev-based group Ilisho Groupe. Recently, the team consisting of two techno producers, known as Sergei Yan and Yuri Karpenko released their new album titled "Diffusio". Always striving for something new, Ilisho Groupe imbued with the idea, through the sounds to create an unusual sense of the new and the unknown. This time they really surpassed themselves.

Kostya Leontovich Releases EP “A Christmas Song”

Kostya Leontovich Releases EP “A Christmas Song”  


Ukraine. There are many Christmas songs written specifically for the holiday season. Many of them have become traditional songs, sung by children and adults on Christmas Eve. Almost every year an artist will develop a new song about the birth of Christ and the joy of the Christmas season. The leader of the Ukrainian band PICK-UP, Kostya Leontovich, recently released a Christmas EP "A Christmas song", thus continuing the series of new celebratory songs.

Where Are You, Liam? Releases a “Case of Liquid Melancholy”

Where Are You, Liam? Releases a “Case of Liquid Melancholy”  

Nizhny Novgorod, Russian Federation, Sep 26, 2010. More and more groups come to the conclusion that freedom of creativity is an essential aspect of musical development. 
Of course it is difficult to be an independent band, but a self-produced or self-recorded album can be more popular than from those groups who work with a producer since listeners prefer really sincere music.