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PICK-UP released the album "Реальність"
Sales Reports (Rus)
Sales Reports (Ukr)
PICK-UP release "Goodbye My Fear" on iTunes
PICK-UP Releases "Childhood Lost" & "Bezpritul'nyj Svit"
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PICK-UP released the album "Реальність"

PICK-UP released the album "Реальність"

The Ukrainian band PICK-UP recently demonstrated to the world a full-fledged debut album - "Реальність" - which was released on May 20, 2013.
PICK-UP's team of musicians worked in their own studio "Musicball" over the the last year to produce this album. The disc contains 12 tracks, including two instrumentals. The album was released on CDs, as well as digitally on iTunes and AmazonMp3. By the way, the digital release of the album contains 3 additional bonus tracks.

Sales Reports (Rus)

Уважаемые друзья,   
Ниже предоставляются краткие инструкции относительно того, как понимать данные, представленные в Вашем отчете по продажам, и ответы на часто задаваемые вопросы. 
Стандартным форматом для составления отчета являются. .xls (Microsoft Excel). Если на Вашем компьютере не установлен Excel, Вы можете получить бесплатное программное обеспечение "Calc" на сайте OpenOffice.org, что даст Вам возможность открыть и прочитать свой файл. После того, как Вы открыли свой отчет по продажам, Вы увидете сверху специальные данные, которые включают: дату составления отчета, даты, к которым относится новый отчет, общий доход артиста на это время и годовые комиссии.

Sales Reports (Ukr)

Шановні друзі,
Нижче надаються короткі інструкції щодо того, як розуміти дані, що представлені у Вашому звіті по продажам, та відповіді на типові запитання.
Стандартним форматом для складання звіту є .xls (Microsoft Excel).  Якщо на Вашому комп’ютері не встановлений Excel, Ви можете отримати безкоштовне програмне забезпечення "Calc" з сайту OpenOffice.org, що надасть Вам змогу відкрити та прочитати свій файл. 

Після того, як Ви відкрили свій звіт по продажам, Ви побачите зверху спеціальні дані, які включають: дату складання звіту, дати, до яких відноситься новий звіт, загальний прибуток артиста на цей час та річні комісії.

PICK-UP release "Goodbye My Fear" on iTunes

Kyiv, Ukraine:  PICK-UP's new English single "Goodbye My Fear" talks about the renewal of the heart. The band's composer and lyricist, Kostya Leontovich, commented "only through faith is it possible to feel truly alive. And when your faith is strong, it is easy to forget about all of our fears. As St. Paul offered in his letter to the Romans 'If God is for us, who can be against us?' [Romans 8:31]. This same message of hope can be applied to all of life's problems, so this song was written as a message of encouragement to people.

PICK-UP Releases "Childhood Lost" & "Bezpritul'nyj Svit"

Kyiv-based PICK-UP Releases "Childhood Lost" Devoted to the Plight of Homeless Children!

Kyiv - 5 September 2011:  Kyiv-based band, PICK-UP, released its new single "Childhood Lost" in English and in Ukrainian  ("Bezpritulnyj Svit") worldwide on Apple's iTunes, AmazonMP3, and other digital stores.  This song is devoted to homeless children and those suffering from broken homes. 

The music and lyrics were composed by the band's front-man, Kostya Leontovich.

Kostya Leontovich releases music video "Against The Flow"

Kostya Leontovich releases music video "Against The Flow"   

The young Ukrainian performer, Kostya Leontovich, who recently released his solo English album finished filming the title track music video "Against The Flow". The video was directed by Ekaterina Bereza. According to her vision, Kostya plays a guy who lived with his eyes closed, but accidentally trips and regains his sight. Afterwards, everything he comes in contact with becomes changed for the better. For instance, a loving couple quarrels but immediately makes up, and a weary traveler is suddenly inspired to move on.

Contemporary Christian Alternative - "Against the Flow"

Kostya Leontovich Releases EP “Against The Flow”

Kyiv, Ukraine. The flow of our complicated world sometimes forces us to swim against its current as an expression of disagreement. It is a challenge for both young and old from all walks of life to find themselves in a happy society. Our faith in God can help us to survive and our hope of better life can lead us forward. These thoughts are the foundation of Kostya Leontovich's latest EP entitled "Against The Flow.

Lviv's Sample Rate devotes "Tsunami" to Japan's Relief Efforts!

Sample Rate Devotes “Tsunami” in Support of Japan's Relief Efforts
 Tsunami (iTunes USA)                                               Non-Profit Video
Lviv, Ukraine. Recent events in Japan shocked the world and the magnitude of this tragedy forced people to reflect about our existence.

Kharkov's State of Mind releases debut "Alive"

State of Mind Releases Album “Alive”on iTunes!

Kharkov, Ukraine. The meaning of words are sometimes difficult to convey in written text, for example a letter or a poem. Some words can only be clearly understandable and accessible to people by transferring their emotions. As for State of Mind (Состояние Души) - it's not just a group of words, it's a melody consisting of notes which are impossible to read on paper.  You can only feel them by passing them through your mind! State of Mind's first album "Alive" captures their lyrical message and the quality of these musicians.

Belov & Leshchenko's "Ukrainian Romances & More"

Belov & Leshchenko Releases Album “Ukrainian Romances & More”  

Kyiv, Ukraine. Tender singing with a dash of light sadness, that's how we associate romances. Ukraine has a great number of such songs. On the album "Ukrainian Romances & More" by the duo Belov & Leshchenko, you can find such masterpieces of Ukrainian music, as well as some of the world classics such including the ever famous Besame Mucho.   

Melodies of Ukrainian romances touch something in our soul and this feeling is set to music.