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Our Artists

We are proud to introduce our independent artists along with the links to their albums and singles.  This list appears in alphabetical order.

Amusant Antenna (Alternative Rock)               
- Dreams                                    

AstroLove (English Pop/Alternative)

Beat Devils (Rockabilly)  - Press Release                               

Belov & Leschenko ( Romance)  - Press Release  

Boogie Woogie Jam Slam (Hip Hop/Rap)

Buttya (Ethno Folk)  - Press Release

Chess (Contemporary Jazz)

Copy Cat Project (Electronic)

Don Drew (Hip Hop) -  Press Release

DIRECTORiYA (Ukrainian Pop)

Dymna Sumish (Alternative Rock)   - Press Release

GOSPROM (Alternative) - Press Release

lIIsho Groupe (Electronic/Dance)  - Press Release

Indie-Ya (French Pop/Indian Ethno)  - Press Release

Janovsky (Rock)

Janovsky feat. Givotnie (Rock)

Kind of Zero (Electronic/Dance)

Kostya Leontovich (English Pop)
 Against the Flow (Christian Alternative)

Yuri Mamchuk (Ukrainian Folk)   - Press Release

Diana Miro (Lounge) - Press Release

Melting Clouds (Electronic)

Pick-Up (Alternative) wikipedia

Perkalaba (Ethno Alternative) - Press Release

Pertsem po Serdtsu (Alternative Rock)

Propala Gramota (Alternative/Ethno Rock)

Putyem Vodi (Alternative)

Run (Celtic/Folk)

The Rabbit in the Hat (Rock)

The Revealed (Rock)

Sample Rate (Rock)  - Press Release for Tsunami

Shopping Hour (Ethno Jazz)

ShockolaD (Ethno Jazz)

State of Mind (Hip Hop)  - Press Release

Taina Tretiey Planety (Alternative Rock)

Ukrainskii Alternative

Vanilin (Alternative)

Where Are You, Liam? (Rock) - Press Release

Yenpox (Electronic)

Zapaska (Ethno Alternative)