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Mission: iUA LLC was established for the sole purpose of introducing and promoting Ukrainian and Russian musical artists to the world stage via iTunes®, AmazonMP3®, the Nokia Music Store®, etc.

Commitment:  Our labels iUA Music and iRUS Music are committed to protecting the copyrights and international intellectual property rights of our indie musical artists.

About Us:  We focus on independent musical artists who create original compositions in a variety of genres including pop, rock, alternative, electronic, folk, and lounge/jazz. We are a net label/ digital distributor and we work at the grassroots level with artists and bands to legalize their music and publicize their creative work worldwide.
Location: iUA LLC is registered in Virginia, USA. You can be sure that your digital distribution rights and intellectual property rights are protected by U.S. law.

iUA LLC is a registered International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) Manager.

New Releases!   Sample Rate - Tsunami  (in support of Japan's relief efforts)

 India-Ya - Divine      ShockolaD - Pokosy    GOSPROM - 20     Perkalaba - Chydro!

 Dymna Sumish - Dymna Sumish    Belov & Leshchenko - Russian Romances
 State of Mind - Alive    Kostya Leontovich Against the Flow 

Yuri Mamchuk - The Heart of Ukraine   Ukraine-Poland 2012

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